Wednesday, March 14, 2018

incredible mark brown

jerry brown       anne gust


 Ann Blair                  Joel Stein
Mark Brown              Derby Brown
Lucinda Page            Larry Page


Rusty Stein               
Laszlo Stein
Patrick Stein

Li Guan      Kun Zhao
Laura Brown
Taryn Brown
Jennifer Brown

Charles Page
Anne Page
Angela Zhu
Alex Zhu
Nathan Wood

a family puzzle, which is great

Frances Cordova    Brian Davis


Melania Trump          Donald Trump
Robin Perini               Gary  soto
Steven Tucker            Laura Watts


Barron Trump
tiffany Trump
Stephan Trump
Eric Trump
Donald Trump Jr.
Ivanka Trump

Mary Soto
Tom Soto
James Soto

Marianne Tucker
Moonie Tucker
Emily Tucker
Spencer Tucker
Susan Tucker
Paisley Tucker

Monday, February 26, 2018

poetry and story inn fridays week 14, 15 and short story slam week 84, 85

Happy Valentine's Day 

short story slam week 84, Febuary 22, 2018 to March 11, 2018....  
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Looking towards the Green  

 Image result for greens in february

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Wordle 340  


which is which?
what kinds of greens do we eat?
newton lettuce?
Edgar tomatoes?
Thorton radishes?

a baby is /was born,
January 12, 2018,
he is a heir  from relatives of Woodland and Yarisford 
we call a boy  " Yi Hanyu",
also refer to  Gordon Xochilyn Kingdom Brostowfern

beside abbey wood and thomas leigha wood
we recall liu shuangqian and ma xuan, 
they have a son,  "Hong Bao & Lu Bu", 
we laugh at the boy called " Barnes &  Noble"
a baby girl dreams of Thorton, Sam, London, Seth, Trenton, Brandon, Charles, and Lucas...

innocence smiles echo through sweet dreams of Meredith and Lilyn

Friday, February 2, 2018

short story slam week 82, poetry and story inn fridays week 12

Image result for don belt  don belt

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university of central oklahoma, Edmond...OK

Image result for wendy james from uco  wendy james

Image result for michelle dancer  michelle danser
Image result for baylee butler   baylee Butler

Image result for jennifer stone  jennifer stone,

Image result for hillary clinton and melania trump  melania trump and hilary clinton

Image result for hillary clinton and melania trump  bill clinton and michelle obama are among a crowd

our story is short and imcomplete
due to relatives that are distant
who we might encounter someday
with or without expectations...