Monday, May 28, 2012

The Newest News Jam In 55 Words On This Memorial Day, May 28 of 2012 (Peace & Love) new corp. and
British Sky Broadcasting Group PLC…
A Jubilee Celebration is on
June/30-July/8 and July/31-Oct./7,
at Buckingham Palace,
 Honoring veterans on paper.
Wind farms considering ways protecting birds...
Washington Post:
Medical students honor donors

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ode 2 A Father: Your Love Makes My Day!

I feel an overwhelming love,
Though all the continents of Earth may move,
Here I share my day.
Each time I feel fortune go adrift,
Your words give me a lift,
Sweet memories enable relation improve.
Dad, your love makes my day,
After all these years, my spirits sway;
Your strength endure my fears remove.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

J. E. Littlewood and Raymond Edward Alan Christopher Payley Theory: A Frame Work In Appled Physics and Computing Mathematics Related to Jiahong and Changxin!

Littlewood–Paley theory (harmonic analysis)
describes a theoretical framework
used to extend results from L2 functions
to Lp functions for 1<p<∞.
It's typically used for orthogonal
arguments which apply to L2 functions.
A book written by Changxi Miao, Jiahong Wu,
and Zifei Zhang in Chinese is been translating
into English edition...Stay Tuned...

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News on Jubilee Park's Novel Development, Keep IT Up! Happy Birthday, T Boone Pickens and Sheng Woo!

Las Vegas Energy Summit 2009
Dallas Police chief David Brown
and Mayor Tom Leppert had fun responding
to humor from Boone Pickens Jr.
on September 16, 2010, on his
formal dedication of the $6-million
Walt Humann & T. Boone Pickens Resource Center
at Jubilee Park in South Dallas, Texas.
Happy May 22 Birthday, Thomas and Sheng!

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