Sunday, July 22, 2012

July Morning (Short Story Slam Week 23)

July morning,
Crispy sunshine cooks the roof,
daydreams halt,
She gets out of her room,
Her eyes glitter with fire,
Her nightgown has an iris sash,
She waters the lawn
in front of the house,
Bitterish thoughts run through the hose
and flood the limitless earth
like orchards of rain
washing the muddy plain,
She lets the time sing,
Not worrying about the death of spring.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm Only Seven and I Play....(Life's Metaphor and Jewel Thoughts)

 Morning wakes me with a start,
The furniture sits alert
next to my brown wooden bed,
Refrigerator in the kitchen holds its breath
with the gas stove clinging to the chance to burn,
I gobble from a bottle of cold water,
Creep out of the garage door,
with him beside me in my imagination,
I run down the sidewalk,
swallowing the moist fresh air...
As pigeons flap their small wings
in unexplainable relief,
I begin to walk to break
near the soccer field,
with salty sweat blending
my skin with my warm breath...
I never worry about my age,
I live in my belief of nature,
I’m only seven
and I play with life innocently and sharply…
with firm understanding of principles and moral...

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