Monday, September 24, 2012

Energy In You!


It was your energy that drew me,
the energy of your talk and your attitude,
the energy of your tongue in my hands,
your encouraging modest wholesomeness,
and it is the energy of your arms
that is safeguarding my bank of water,
and the open-minded embrace
in your words
that allow me free breath,
and sailing adrift.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Kingd-Om of Lo-Ve (Humor and Poetry)


nothing older than love,
but the earth and the Lord,
nothing sweeter than love
but the cello strings, the pen, and the word,
nothing harder than love
but water, oxygen, and food,
nothing wiser than love
but wisdom, virtue, and self-respect.
Love is the theme of the world,
God provides love to make everything grow,
I'm loved to live, and create,
I love to connect and encourage,
Love is the air, water, fire, soil, and
comfort in the universal village! 

Image Credit: Google.COM

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jordan (Poetry and Red Hot Fruits)

Red Bayberry or Yamberry, Yang'mei, by

Who tells you that poetry
is about false facts and behavior betray?
and all structures are made of matches?
How can you know lines on witches
make no sense, but do solo preaches?
For what purpose do you write
to interpret darkness to see twilight?
Must a masked story-teller do make-believe only?
How do we take the balls pitched
to us when words turn into force suddenly?
Poets are sensitive people, let them sing,
Verses could be anyone, anything,
I never envy talents or love of spring,
No punishment with loss of balances,
Let the flow of thoughts be free, be king.