Sunday, December 23, 2012

Winter Solstice Eve By Tu Fu: Translated By Red Pine

Heaven's times and man's affairs hurry us along
on winter solstice yang appears and spring returns,
to silk embroideries a thread is added
out of long flutes reed ashes fly
the shore wait for New Year to set willows free
the hills battle cold to liberate plum trees
the shapes of clouds are the Same as back home
I tell my son to finish his drink.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thus By Donald Justice

As for the key, we know it must be minor.
B minor, then, as having passed for noble
On one or two occasions. As for the theme,
There being but the one, with variations,
Let it be spoken outright by the oboe
Without apology of any string,
But as a man speaks, openly, his heart
among old friends, let this be spoken.
The major resolution of the minor,
Johann's great signature, would be too noble.
It would do certain violence to our theme.
Therefore see to it that the variations
keep faith with the plain statement of the oboe.
Entering quietly, let each charstened string
Repeat the lesson she must get by heart,
And without over much adornment.