Friday, March 29, 2013


My last night as a full-time child
I didn't want to sleep, for fear of
Waking up in a rustle of too-crisp sheets
And a creak of inadequate bedsprings
With a lightly snoring virtual stranger eight feet away.
And also I didn't want it to be tomorrow,
Because then it would be time to do what
I've denied for three weeks of subsistence
And oblivion--ignoring is bliss.
And I saw everything I never did
Lying around me, pieces and steps of the
Success I never got, reminders that
Whatever I planned, I never got far.
But in the middle of these broken promises
To myself, I could see for the first time
That I have not been broken.
And I must keep myself, all that is real,
As daybreak does, and nightfall.
I exist to others, but all I need is me.
I will be the last promise, when all is said
And kept.

Copyright © 1996 by Katherine Foreman.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Squint between neon signs,
you see a wild unicorn
with orange breath, no fans,
you war hoop pass the sky, soul torn.
stars tango with white heels,
Earth carrying their dream wheels,
The universe party under big round moon,
While you breastfeed your child
with a motherly song.