Friday, April 19, 2013

Manged Dog by Dennis Tanya Hernandez

This mangy dog
This dog with mange
Pitiful pitiful sight
The mud with dogged ears
Why o' dog
Does your tail drag
you wretched thing
your eyes build up crust
On the outside corners
your eyes carve paths
Of ceaseless tears
you beg for food
you deserve none
Pathetic dog die
Dog away from me...

i am a dog worthy
of death but
Instead i beg for food
For my master
Is dying on his
Death bed he has only
i to give him food
For days i have panted
For pity i pray
My master have food
i pray he dies not
For days i have cried
By these corners
While my poor
Master dies

Friday, April 5, 2013

Ship Me Away

Ship Me Away
Some things I should stop doing include
reading about your zodiac sign
checking if you're online
wondering about your scent.
The infamous "something-missing" won't shake
from my spine ever, it ran back quickly
when I let what was mine slip.
I should stop writing you poems although a wise boy once said
if you keep writing, maybe he'll leave your head.
And you'll get sick of his name in every word, every keystroke
I agreed with more poems but asked, what if I won't?
What if you bloom like cherry blossoms in the cracks of my bones,
like the watermelon seeds I'd spit outside my grandparents' home
that turned into a garden of green rounded fruit.
Asked, what if it isn't
that easy to shake you?
Some things I should stop doing
but I know that I won't
thinking of me as a sailor
and you as a boat.