Friday, April 18, 2014

Metaphors On Life

Life is a stage,
Some shows are full of rage,
Others carry authentic grace.

Life is a story,
Some are told in glory,
Others are full of fury.

Life is a game,
Losing it doesn't mean shame,
Yet winning it may result in fame.

Life is a rope,
You learn it with hope,
and outsmart iit, in opera of soap.

Life is a book,
Some read it in depth,
While others judge it by guess.

Life is a child,
Sometimes you go wild,
Other times you play and feel mild.

Life is a telephone,
Dial a number to hear the tone,
And silence it to be alone.

Life is a school,
One may never harvest any wool,
But one attends it to obtain surviving tool.

Life is a journey,
Going far costs a lot of money,
Staying put does no harm.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Atlanta (Ya-Tai-Lan-Da) and Atlantic Ocean (Daxi Yang)

Below sky high mountains,
Above Florida coast,
Atlanta is Georgia's focus:
Enormous blue land-side,
Business and technology run worldwide.

Meanwhile, Atlantic ocean is also grand in fascination,
A 2nd largest ocean among Pacific, Arctic, Atlantic, and India ocean,
Atlantic ocean touches Europe, Africa, South America, and North America
as Pacific ocean connects California coast to East China sea, Shanghai, Xiamen.
70% of the earth is covered by water, a huge commotion.

We praise North pole and Arctic ocean on north,.
We honor India ocean down by India, Somalia, and Australia;
We romance with Russia, Alaska, and Washington state on the west,
We spoil Florida keys and Maryland along Virginia, Rode Island on the east.

Atlanta as a capital city is both decent and exciting,
Olympic games used to take place here,
The will to advance social media and technology makes it ever-changing,
Georgia tech university adds power and fame to its landscape and atmosphere.

Remember many of these officials at Atlanta and Georgia:
George Sonny Perdue, Casey Cagle, Mark Taylor, Roy Barnes, Shana Rutz Gibelyou,
William Marsh, Scott Evans, Lorenzo Langford, Randy Mills, Don Guardian, Nathan Deal,          Joe Frank Harris, Jason Carter, Karen Baker, Carl Sanders, Jimmy Carter, Zell Miller,                   Todd Holm, Sheila Why, Barack Dunham, George bud Peterson, Nikki Tomlin Wu, Yan Li