Wednesday, February 25, 2015


we meet at Zhong Guan Village,
we eat at Long March Inn.
we program at Hai Dian Electranic,
we shop at Renmin Panasonic.
we walk at Beijing Keji Road,
we date at Weimin Lake shore.
we skate at Yuyuan Tan Gate,
we boat at Summer Palace Temple Lake.
we drink watermelon juice,
we swallow donkey meat ribs.
we watch fireworks at Tong Xian County,
we picnic at Yun He Canal.
we toast Yanjing beer for new year's gala,
we dance Marathon Mozart music for the opening of WaWa.

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award for week 80, awesome cheers!
I wish to pass this honor to poets  What about God?

and  Bodhirose's Blog

and happy rally week 81.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


everyone is a card holder,
they speak undercurrent
or upperstream,
I dive into water,
both deep and shallow,
finding my leeway to
an ocean
or a stream.

Monday, February 2, 2015

A Fall Out Sheet

There is some shivering cold
at this October day,
After sizzling rain yesterday,
Today I'm glad to see a good forecast,
We've called TNT Lawn mowers to stop coming,
We have changed our shorts or skirts
into long pants or Jeans,
We're planning for Thanksgiving trip
on west coast and more...
Watermelon has become less welcome
while Asian pears, Naval oranges,
Southern peaches are turning our appetite on,
a weekend drive to locale orchard,
picking golden delicious ones by hand
and fill the pail with harvest of autumn,
what fulfilling experience!
love to hear the munching sound
and swallow a spoonful apple pie from Oven,
Night time is stretched hours longer,
glad to be able to feel comfortable
and curl inside the quilt like a ball
and dream, dream of the blooms of queen flower peony,
and the worry free childhood fancies...
October at last, time to pen down the sweetest past…
To be continued…..
 Spring Flowers Backgrounds