Tuesday, April 28, 2015

late april thoughts (world peace business act number 4)

Saturday morning,
Sidewalk super Target store,
The Fat Cat on Green Mat Book.
McCafe coffee,
Mackie's steak house looks at Pier 1 imports,
Western style ihop international pancakes,
English muffins,
Sausages and eggwhite plate,
plus Hush Brown for breakfast at Edmond.
A man and a woman,
Tied by a marriage and two offspring,
often feel the edge of invisible pain.
Late April thoughts,
Half price books exist,
mixed emotions surface now and then.
eat, shop, cook, write,
let's do everything to fulfill our taste bud,
sleep, think, walk, invent,
exercises and brain storming help putting our doubts behind.

Friday, April 10, 2015

my way, my say...

lady fish,
lad fish,
adult fish,
child fish,
silver fish,
gold fish,
water in a tank,
indoor pond and piggy bank.
one insturment,
two instruments,
big cello,
small violin,
oyo principle chair,
Fayeteville viola mall,
kum & go band,
Jicama and cucumber salad bowl grand.
the stars go bright,
let's applaud folks below to make things right,
megan reasner,
daniel douthitt,
emma willhoite,
seth longstreth,
samathar jiwa murphy,
corey williamson,
baylie mophail,
grace lu,
barnard hunter,
ciana higgs,
cole eicheberger,
zach mcLaughlin,
Morgan Tanner,
Overton Arielle,
Benji Wojin,
Sheng Wu,
Jerry Brown,
Christopher Clark,
Chuck Reed,
Jaymie Thorne,
Cleo Craig

Hyde Park Poetry


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