Friday, November 6, 2015

remember our youthful years, and look forward to our future

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 Jenny Matlock: y is for youthful years

 imaginary gardens with real toads
i remember my childhood years
when a toad blocks the road,
and goose bumps make our body shake
i remember my middle school years
when doubts, question, and controversy circulate
and my grandma Judith asks me to continue
I remember my high school years
when Vietnam war costs lots of young solider's lives
and the public still remains silent and cheerful
I remember times when North Korea has strong ties to the chairman,
and I opt to learn Russian language, instead of Japanese,
and I have fun ravaging around foreign landscapes in my head
I remember my first train tickets to Rome
and how the thrill fulfills me imaging the capital city civilians
and how I survive Italian urban styles via strangers in my class
8621 is my forever college number,
1990 is the year for a full time job 
and a grand trip from Divine Sydney...
then comes 1991, a marriage,
1992,  a trip to Chicago,
1993, a child comes in from Heaven
the future is unknown,
i rain praise to Quinces, Daisy, Rose, Dandelion, and Peony,
and I say positive things to Long Island fish and Han river Fisherman.

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