Wednesday, April 20, 2016

watermelon, apples, and Mr. G, Village, Coop foods (poetry rally week 83 entry number 2)

subway near hyde park

bee cave
ox rises in 1997, december weather

guadalupe street
austin state hospital has lots of loud patients

pippers field drive
a way to get around to renaissance women's center

you know who?
do you do yahoo?

you know what?
don't forget Martha Stewart!

we talk about Tara Mills, Jiahong Wu, Jean Bona,
we think of Amanda Armond, Misty Danielson, and Malia Obama

past, experiences,
current, eyewitness view

Brittany Key may have some say,
We do mind Wendy McGinty-Gamble, Mariann Nielsen, Brittany Swift

a doctor treats a small boy,
that is Tyrek Young, Timothy Lam, Zach Lewis, Tom Wu, and

lots of health department services there,
Brown School Rehab center is one of those

Saint James Episcopal Church, they honor GoShen, Louisa, Essex,
Lenoir, Farmington, Port Charlotte, Wilmington, Ann Darr, Nathan Brown

we notice that many people are nice, they include Arzelar Wise, Zac Copley, Nancy Greenwood,
Theodore Agnew, Bryan Wise, Fred Wise, Nina Wise, Dawn Copley, John Federle, Marcie Federle

from Chicago to Beijing,
from Princeton to Austin, Cesar Olivero, Michelle White, William Setchel, Rick Perry listen

university of chicago pharmacy and healthy plan

The University of Chicago Health Plan (UCHP) offers comprehensive health care to the faculty and employees of the University of Chicago and the University of Chicago Hospitals and their families.

The UCHP is a self-insured employee benefit plan designed around the University of Chicago Hospitals and the University of Chicago Physicians Group as the healthcare providers. Each member chooses a Primary Care Physician (PCP) from the UCHP staff. All patient care is coordinated and managed through this physician in conjunction with the Utilization Management Professionals at UCHP. If deemed necessary for optimal patient care, referrals to specialists will be arranged by the UCHP Primary Care Physician.

The UCHP does not provide coverage for out-of-area or out-of-network (non-University of Chicago Hospitals and non-University of Chicago Physicians Group) expenses except under life threatening or severe emergency conditions. If you or your dependent(s) will be out of the Chicagoland area for any significant period of time, UCHP may not provide the best health insurance coverage and you should consider one of the other benefit options.

Image result for university of chicago department of medicine 

Image result for university of chicago department of medicine 

Image result for university of chicago department of medicine 
Image result for university of chicago department of medicine


poetry rally week 83, tylrnol, motrin to fix fever of children, reading, writing, and open mind to mend your world view

Goggle  glass,
that is for swimming

Correction center,
that prevents crime from increasing

Tylenol, Motrin medince,
that are for children with high fever

doctor, nurse, and mathematician
which are made to mind younger population

as for growth, birth, fitness,
we must embrace all of those

when you read this, you shall feel the urge
to sense satisfaction, risen

from Linda Litzinger, Byron Darby, Kimberly Loar,
Austin, Chicago, Houston, Princeton, they do things to mend

 Sarah Pae,  Anne Hong, Mary Ann Flynn, Michelle Obama,
ladies work hard to serve

Jessica Montalvo, Christopher Seeker, Sherry Neyman, Jim Bergamo,
those love Oakwood women, including Carolina Yeah

Devin Garaza, Ginger Tuitter, Alice, J. Clarissa Gutierrez, Jennifer Chamber,
what beautiful group for teeth medicine

We search up high,
we look down below

we find more physicians, or doctors, to believe in,
say, David Chun, Dr. Bumpers, Mellisa Long, Holly, Mary Beth Harrison, smiling

Brenda Chao, Rebecca Teng, Melanie Collins, and Laura Meritt
Saint David, Park Bend Drive, Pipers Field Drive, Bastrop, Texas, 78602

breath easy

find your way
find a lee way

 Hyde Park Poetry   number 1