Wednesday, December 13, 2017

short story slam week 80, white house and dog year of 2018

We hear the ocean,
Ancient water and woods give asylum, comfort
to all errors and every abortion.
Toads char from shadowy sort
of trees and swamps location.
Sand fleas scissor our feet,
Headlights of cars shine down like stars,
The waves only speak at present tense,
nothing aging, nothing remaining,
Atlantic ocean, sand, seashells...
Sentiments all drown in the ocean!
Prayers for those who are begging for love
Due to bad sickness and good luck…

Saturday, October 14, 2017

short story slam week 75, poetry and story inn fridays week 5, 4

amazing discovery
when you let go
the curtain is still beautiful

life is a movie
we move our seats around
never regret what do to offend

Saturday, August 19, 2017

short story slam week 74

short story slam week 74, about residing else where for a change, maybe on weekends 

boating at Lake Carl Blackwell
my eyes turn blur
a carp fish jumps high in a fountain flash

driving onto Coyle road
a big dog barks aloud
freezing my car with a dusty hop

back at high way 159
we see Wyonna, Wyandotte, Indigo, Joplin, and Radice
a photo of Richard Prior and Robert Ponto is tunning

Thursday, July 13, 2017

short story slam week 71, Friday my town shoot out

story of the week 71, july 6 to july 23, 2017 
 Product Details

 gloria gaynor is cool as a poet
Rainbows [Friday My Town Shoot Out] 


Syria Arizona Jeffersontrump

Image result for 作家文摘

作家文摘  through Yang Geng



interesting people
Don Belt roots from Dan Larson
Matthew Mailman seem good at band
lovely sighs of Gloria Gaynor

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Saturday, April 15, 2017

poetry rally week 84, oranges, asian pears, and tuckey meats

Thursday Poets Rally Week 84 speical, 30 poems in 30 days April nutrition/Wellness/freedom/openheart/illistration March 

 Image result for olive garden menu  olive garden dish

Image result for olive garden menu   pasta
 Image result for mariano fresh  

Image result for richardson oranges   

wings of hope  says "Pei Wei" hot soup
I dig orange juice, Richard Andrew, and Spokain air conditioner

if I ever shopped at Mariano's or shell,
I must admit that I have fun eating Asian pears, and dine at Olive Garden

pasta and pancakes could be good for breakfast,
Cafe 88, Main street noodle, and Hyvee rice shall shine

William's, Ralph's, Pick and Save, Dillion's, Whole Food shop,
they are close to Church street, and thrive like Kohl's cloth

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

short story slam week 65, Kansas, Arkansa, Tennessee, Texas and California

Image result for kansas 

Image result for arkansa 

Image result for indiana 

Image result for tennessee                     

Image result for massachusetts  

Image result for new hampshire  

Image result for kentucky 

Image result for california 

Image result for hawaii    Jamaca Hawaii

Image result for hawaii 

Image result for texas 

variation of lands
they speak of saints
who compose Blues in School Music and Academics
what Bach Mozart winds

Sunday, February 19, 2017

short story slam week 62, 63, tokyo, shibuya garden, university of tokyo, and lanfeng yu

short story slam week 62, 63, tokyo, shibuya garden,
university of tokyo, mingfa wang, yan ji, and lanfeng yu

amazing landscape
Guangdao and Shenhu
Japanese Things

looking back
we see Bruno, Sabrina, and Balane
hiding their face

sheng and richard
Zhongwei Shen and Jiahong Wu
all sing for Chad Penn

Cuba, China, Peru,
places extend to Brazil, Chile, Mali, Chad
we embrace Fiji, Longwood

Wang Fu jing, Chuanzhen comes
taking away Emily, Paisley, and San,
Stevenson and Phillip watch

speaking of relatives
Peng Chongqing and Peng Gaoyan remain neat
Wang Min knows better

Sundai and Anjali walk
passing Tianjing, Changsha, San Jose, Los Angeles
trust Angela, Brad, Kim

Larry Gosney speaks
questioning Qiangjiao Kong on Yungjia Who,
Yingchu Hu falls short

perspectives differ
Daihong Zhu, Kuizhi Yu, Xiuying Li, Yingtai Zhu,
they love Ziyu hotel
Image result for Shibuya Garden Tower at wikipedia 
Image result for japan shenhu 

Shenhu from Japan

Image result for university of tokyo 

Related image 
Related image  paisley  owasso
Image result for google chinese new year   
Image result for google chinese new year
Image result for google chinese new year  

Image result for google chinese new year 

Image result for google chinese new year 

Image result for google chinese new year

short story slam week 63, oconomowoc, chicago, stein garden, and seminary co-op bookstores

short story slam week 63, oconomowoc, chicago, stein garden,
Jingle Poetry, Thursday Poets Rally, and seminary co-op bookstores

Image result for seminary co-op bookstore

Image result for seminary co-op bookstore 

Image result for seminary co-op bookstore 
Image result for seminary co-op bookstore  Mr. Burns
Image result for seminary co-op bookstore 

Image result for seminary co-op bookstore    a key collection of poetry, wisdom, math, myth, and more

Image result for oconomowoc  
Image result for oconomowoc  a movie by Andy Gillies and directed by Joe Haas

Image result for oconomowoc 

Image result for hyannis 

Image result for hyannis  

people decide to laugh
because what they do and love
Hyannis pleases us

Oconomowoc city
Stein Garden amd Kirk fuel stops
we love Miwaukee and Ames

Breaking time gas
a beautiful view from Anderson gas
Sin Clair sits near

Sheldon homes
SAvannah and Wisconsin both entertain
Iowa and Madison trip

Casey and Baymont
lovely Robin sails skyward, daytime
Andy, Joe, and Sheng rocks

Ruple Robin Sabrina
Chuckwood vs Cheekawood, Nashville
Ann Frank braves dairy

Seminary co-op books
withholding deep water from Lake Michigan
Robert Zimmer writes

Laura Demanski edits
her style and her art impress all
Susie Allen, Guido Mendez

they join Helen Greg
Morton Schapiro and Mimi Schapiro pay attention
Alissa and Scott Pippen

Thursday, January 5, 2017

short time story on truce and peace

so, when Macy and JC Penney argue
the world fall short on resolutions

who is right?
who is wrong?

none of us can fight hard
because there are two sides of the story

Ullman and Stewart
both work hard

Winfrey and Smith
both entertain us

Olsen and Burke
all world famous

Louise and Lewis
both carry lunch boxes

Stroud, Okemah, Dale, McLoud,
Prague, Andrew, Aslip, Watson,

Linda, Scott, Perry, Morrison, Payson
Pruett, Bartosh, Meeker, Carney, Jackson

all folks sit still
none of them agree to be inferior

thus we fight for peace
we call for truce